2021 Summer promotions
2022 Summer promotion Concepts

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Virtual Majors Fair 
Promotional assets for UGA's 1st ever Virtual Majors Fair.

Visualization of Majors Fair email campaign.

Staff Appreciation

Physical postcard concept scrapped due to Covid-19 concerns.

Design revisited and repurposed as an asset for Summer and Fall 2020 emails.

1.5" circular stickers designed to place on chocolate bars. 

2" square stickers designed to place on gift bags.

Printed stickers on chocolate bar.

Final printed product looked very similar to the above.

Email Header design 
First iteration in an attempt to model the colors of the GO header while staying true to UGA brand guidelines.

Second iteration based on administrative feedback. I took a step back and maintained FYO stylization using pre-existing assets.

Mailchimp campaign using final design.

2020 Icon Concept Designs

Based on feedback, we decided that the use of a mouse icon for research may raise ethical concerns so I decided to scrap the idea entirely.

Replaced the research icon with a more generic scientific design as a precaution. The leadership and service icons were well-received, but decidedly a bit too casual for the student audience.

Service, Leadership icons were replaced. I offered 3 variation concepts for the internship logos. Rocket icon had the best feedback of the three.

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